Rare & Old Items Batch

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Get the *items* you missed.


*items will be added randomly, please read below for more info.



This is your chance to get old items that you missed from past events.

There are thousands of items in the game and many you will never be able to get anywhere else.

Buy this package and receive many missing items that will be added randomly to your account. Most of the MAIN items you are missing will be added, but we cannot guarantee all of them will be added.

Please Notice: PICKING ITEMS IS NOT ALLOWED. ITEMS WILL BE ADDED RANDOMLY. RANDOM ITEMS AND RANDOM TOTAL ITEMS. Having said that most of the items you are missing will be added but you cannot pick or complain if any item is missing šŸ™‚



Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2014

Buildings Characters Non-Unique Decorations
Howard’s Flowers* Shauna* Cherub Topiary*
Phineas Q. Butterfat’s* Cozy Hammock*
I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train*
Love Planter*
Rose Arch*
Rose Bush*
Valentine’s Pond*
Valentine’s Tree*


Buildings Characters Non-Unique Decorations Krustyland Ride
Madame Chao’s w/ Mindy Birthday Cherub Birdbath Tunnel of Love
Up, Up and Buffet! Brandine Fountain of Love
Dubya Love Bench
Mindy w/ Madame Chao’s Lovely Fence
Whitney Lovely Flower Cart
Lovely Gazebo
Lovely Lampost
Valentine’s Balloons


Skins Unique Decorations
Sidekick Milhouse Animatronic Bears
Sir Love-A-Lot


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2014

Buildings Characters Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
O’Flanagan’s Pub w/ Tom O’Flanagan* Leprechaun w/ Wishing Well Wishing Well w/ Leprechaun* Shamrock Topiary*


Buildings Characters Non-Unique Decorations
Sham Rock CafƩ w/ Yupprechaun Yupprechaun w/ Sham Rock CafƩ Leprechaun Statue


Buildings Unique Decorations
Blarney Castle Green Beer Fountain
Stack of Beer


Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
Banana Dictatorship Father Sean Bunny #24601 Natural Faberge Egg Beach Towel & Umbrella
Blocko Store Hugs Bunny Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior Easter Banner
Johnny Fiestas Sharry Bobbins Egg Council Guy Easter Egg Pile
Mojo the Helper Monkey Easter Fence
Easter Float
Easter Gate
Easter Pond
Easter Tree
Frink-thetic Egg Generator I
Frink-thetic Egg Generator II
Pastel Picket Fence


Unique Decorations
Easter Island God


Buildings Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
Fort Sensible Lumpy Bare Chested Willie Snake Statue Green Practice Snake
Pet Snake Gymnastic Lisa w/ Balance Beam Balance Beam w/ Gymnastic Lisa Hollow snake Trunk
Ninja Homer w/ Practice Snake Practice Snake w/ Ninja Homer Purple Practice Snake
Red Practice Snake
Snake Rocks
Snake Speakers
Snake Stump
Whacking Day Banner
Whacking Mugs Stall
Whacking Stick Stall
Whacking T-Shirt Stall
Wind Sock
Yellow Practice Snake


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2014

Buildings Characters Skins Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
Lincoln’s Cabin w/ Abraham Lincoln* Abraham Lincoln w/ Lincoln’s Cabin* All-American Apu* Liberty Bell* American Flag*
Nighthawk Diner w/ Rex Banner* Rex Banner w/ Nighthawk Diner* Lisa Statue of Liberty* Box of Fireworks*
Pinwheel Firework*


Buildings Characters Unique Decorations
Giuseppe’s Workshop w/ Giuseppe Giuseppe w/ Giuseppe’s Workshop Fireworks Barge
George Washington w/ Ye Old Cherry Tree Lincoln Memorial
Ye Old Cherry Tree w/ George Washington


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2013/14

Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins
Bad Dream House* Kang* Burns Monster* Devil Flanders*
House of Evil* Mayan God w/ Mayan Calendar Marge the Witch w/ Cauldron*
Mausoleum* Talking Krusty Doll* Mayan Homer
Pet Cemetery* The Raven*
Springfield Cemetery*
Super Collider*
Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations Building FaƧades
Black Hole Dead Tree* Heck House*
Cauldron w/ Marge the Witch* Jack-O-Lantern*
Kang’s Crashed UFO* Pumpkin Patch*
Mayan Calendar w/ Mayan God Spooky Tree*
Ray Gun*


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2014

Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins
First Church of Lard Lad Booberella Clawing Zombie* Count Burns w/ Burns Coffin*
Ghost Zapper* Ghost Maude Crazy Zombie* Strongman Homer
Gingerbread House w/ Suzanne the Witch* Kodos w/ Kodo’s Crashed UFO* Frog Prince*
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop* Suzanne the Withch w/ Gingerbread House* King Snorky*
King Homer’s Skyscraper* Senile Zombie*
Pumpkin House* Shuffling Zombie*
Ultrahouse 2* Snarling Zombie*
Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations Krustyland Ride
Burns Coffin w/ Count Burns* Ancient Burial Ground* Twirl N’Hurl
Freak Show Tent Freakmobile*
Kodo’s Crashed UFO w/ Kodos* Spooky Wall*
Victorian UFO* Wailing Wall*


Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Drive-In Theater w/ Space Mutant Hugo Bulldozer-saurus Moog Diet Sign
Make-A-Thing Workshop Mutant Peacock U.B.O. Donut Torture Device
Portal To Riger 7 Space Mutant w/ Drive-In Theater Ghost Pirate Airship
Rigellian Tribal Hut Hover-Copter
Spooky House Rigellian Queen
Teleporter Alpha
Teleporter Omega
The Grand Pumpkin


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2013

Non-Unique Decorations
Blinky Balloon*
Itchy Balloon*
Santa’s Little Helper Balloon*
Scratchy Balloon*
Snowball II Balloon*


Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino w/ Tribal Chief Tribal Chief w/ Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino Turkey Sacagawea Lisa
Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
Oscar’s Obstacles Truck Poochie Balloon
Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign Rusty the Clown Balloon
USS Tom Clancy Stampy Balloon
The Grumple Balloon


Buildings Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Piggly’s Super Smorg w/ Mrs. Bouvier Mrs. Bouvier w/ Piggly’s Super Smorg Puritan Flanders Caged Tom Turkey
Stomach Staples Center Cornucopia
Heimlich Machine
Outdoor Feast Table


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2013

Buildings Skins Non-Unique Decorations Building FaƧades
Mapple Store Mr. Plow* Bart Snowman* Christmas Blue House*
Santa’s Village w/ Santa Homer* Santa Homer w/ Santa’s Village* Holiday Tree* Christmas Brown House*
Homer Snowman* Christmas Cletus’ Farm*
Lisa Snowman* Christmas Flanders House*
Maggie Snowman* Christmas Frink’s Lab*
Marge Snowman* Christmas Krabappel Apartment*
Reindeer* Christmas Muntz House*
Christmas Orange House*
Christmas Pink House*
Christmas Purple House*
Christmas Simpson House*
Christmas Van Houten House*
Christmas Volcano Lair*
Christmas White House*
Christmas Willie’s Shack*


Items with an * asterisk were also available in 2014

Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Claus Co.* Mr. Costington w/ Costington’s* Candy Kevin Ebenezer Burns* Christmas Totem*
Costington’s w/ Mr. Costington* The Grumple* Christmas Raccoon Plow King* Ice God*
Egg Nog Bar* Snow Monster* Santa Flanders* Plow King’s Plow*
Helter Shelter* Present Depot*
Santa’s Workshop*
Springfield Mall*
Springfield Skating Rink*
Non-Unique Decorations Building FaƧades Krustyland Ride
Elf Home* Candy Cooling Towers Happy Elves Ride*
Festive Bell Lamp Post* Christmas Skinner House
Festive Bow Lamp Post*
Festive Candycane*
Festive Fancy Lawn Bell*
Festive Hot Drink Stand*
Festive Lawn Angel*
Festive Lawn Bell*
Festive Nutcracker*
Festive Trashcan Fire*
Festive Wreath Lamp Post*
Grampa Snowman
Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog*
Snowball II Snowcat*


Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Ice Palace King Winter w/ King Winter’s Cave Annual Gift Man Ice Princess Martin Burns Fever Snowman
Sequel Stop Zutroy Bonestorm Santa Little Helper Ralph Cannon Control Building
Toy Workshop Frosty the Hitman Stupid Sexy Flanders w/ Ski Lift Christmas Float
Destroyed Holiday Wheel
Duff Beer Tree
Elf Cannon
Elf Cave
Festive Light Plunger
Fever Cabin
First Ever Christmas Tree
Homer Fever Snowman
King Winter’s Cave w/ King Winter
Nativity Scene
Ski Lift w/ Stupid Sexy Flanders
Spruce Caboose
The North Pole
Toy Workshop Bell
Tropical Island
Non-Unique Decorations Building FaƧades
Ice Fence Christmas Apu’s Apartment
Christmas Burns Manor
Christmas Compound
Christmas Crazy Cat House
Christmas Houseboat
Christmas Lard Lad Donuts
Christmas Mansion of Solid Gold
Christmas Sanjay’s House
Christmas Wiggum House
Christmas Wolfcastle’s Mansion
Sponsored Church


Buildings Characters Skins Unique Decorations Non-Unique Decorations
Abandoned Store Number 1 Number 2 (Dr. Hibbert) Ark of the Stoneconvenant Chest of Sacred Artifacts
All Seeing Eye Number 51 Number 5 (Jasper Beardly) Money Pool Hieroglyph Wall
Stonecuttter Daycare Center Number 12 (Lenny Leonard) Sacred Parment Tube Slide
Stonecutter Lodge w/ Number 1 Number 14 (Carl Carlson) Satan’s Avil
Number 21 (Moe Szyslak) Stonecutter Table
Number 22 (Mayor Joe Quimby) Stone of Triumph
Number 29 (Mr.Burns)
Number 36 (Krusty the Clown)
Number 50 (Chief Wiggum)
Number 59 (Mr. Smithers)
Number 66 (Kent Brockman)
Number 67 (Arnie Pye)
Number 79 (Disco Stu)
Number 85 (Groundskeeper Willie)
Number 111 (Abraham Simpson/Grampa)
Number 314 (Professor Frink)
Number 600 (Seymour Skinner)
Number 908 (Homer Simpson)


(Also known as the Medieval Event)

Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Boxingham Palace Barbarian w/ Barbarian Castle Two-Nicorn Archer Lisa Barbarian Statue
Barbarian Castle w/ Barbarian Barbarian Homer Shadow Knight’s Throne
Castle Recycle Goblin Bart
Homer Barbarian
Shadow Knight
Wizard Marge
Non-Unique Decorations
Blue Knight Nerd
Blue Mage Nerd
Blue Rogue Nerd
Blue Warrior Nerd
Cardboard Gates
Cardboard Tower
Cardboard Wall
Castle Gates
Castle Tower
Castle Wall
Elixir Mixer
Hay Cart
Medieval Banner Blue
Medieval Banner Red
Medieval Banner Green/Blue
Medieval Tent
Recycled Gates
Recycled Tower
Recycled Wall
Red Knight Nerd
Red Mage Nerd
Red Rogue Nerd
Red Warrior Nerd
Treasure Chest
Two-Story Outhouse


Buildings Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Bartman Cave Dr. Colossus Bartman Rad Mobile
Beach House Fallout Boy w/ Super Squad HQ Clownface Super Jeb
Botanical Garden Petroleus Rex w/ Tar Pits The Collector Zenith City Phone Booth
Burns State Prison Plopper w/ Crap Silo Pie Man
Crap Silo w/ Plopper Radioactive Man
Death Mountain The Collider
Kane Manor
National Bank of Springfield
Radioactive Man Statue
Radstation Air Fortress
Super Squad HQ w/ Fallout Boy
Tar Pits w/ Petroleus Rex
Wrecked Brown House
Zenith City Apartments
Zenith City Lofts
Zenith City Store Front
Zenith City Times


(Also known as the 24 Season Finale Event)

Decorative Characters Non-Unique Decorations
Frink’s Robot Dog Devil Donut Cart
Duff Barney Blimp
Duff Party Bus
Excellence prize Statue
Frinkosonic MHV
Giant Grasshopper
Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons
Laramie vending Machine


(Items included are from Episode Tie-Ins and Promotional Events)

Buildings Characters Decorative Characters Skins Unique Decorations
Cool Brown House w/ Cool Homer Kumiko Freedom Cool Homer Bart’s Three-Wheeler
Guinea Pig Rescue Center Mutant Rabbit Fitā„¢ Milhouse Duff Racer
Guitar Central Pokey Fruit-Bat-Man Fruit-Bat-Signal
Krusty’s Mansion Gorgeous Grampa Jebediah Statue
Mansion Of Solid Gold Mayan Marge Lemon Tree
Writers Building w/ Matt Groening Queen Helvetica w/ The Castle Of Equalia Lisa’s Kiddie Car
Sit-N-Rotate Respectable Moe Macaroni’s Shed
Swanky Fish Slave Labor Willie Manual Power Generator
The Castle Of Equalia w/ Queen Helvetica Tuxedo Krusty Nightmare Pile
Springfield Falls
The Homer
Three-Eyed Sushi
Non-Unique Decorations
Blue Electric Car
Cremo Bot
Duff Blimp
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard
Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
Homer’s Grave
Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Red Electic Car
Strupo Statue
Yellow Electric Car


Buildings Unique Decorations
50ft Magnifying Glass World’s Largest Zerconia
Escalator To Nowhere
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper
The Sunsphere


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